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For the past couple of years mike podesto of find my profession has been diverting traffic from hundreds of resume writers and using false claims along with fake reviews to drive consumers to his company website while diverting them from legitimate established companies. | He is currently being sued by wendi weiner of the writing guru for libel, defamation, deceptive or unfair conduct and material misrepresentation. Https://writingguru.Net/wendi-weiner-reviews-the-writing-guru-fights-fake-reviews/ he has also attacked multiple established writers with fake 1 star reviews while using those same fake reviewers to give himself 5 star reviews. To this end he has posted and continues to post fake reviews on trustpilot, jabbersite, google, yelp and facebook. In a number of instances these reviews have been submitted under or by existing employees, friends and family members who make it appear that they are customers of the company when in fact they are nothing of the sort. | In addition he has attempted to destroy the reputation of other competitive companies in north america and internationally by creating and posting false lists of these companies on his website, outlining their pros and cons without ever having done business with them, using their company images or website links without authorization, besmirching their reputations and claiming his company as the best xxxx in each category. | Previously, prior to be censured by the bbb, he was claiming his company as the 1 xxxx in each category with no justification or third party backing for this. Following his censure by bbb he stopped referring to his company as 1 and began posting a notice on each page that the reviews he wrote were written by an employee of the company Aka himself) and that they were somewhat biased A complete understatement). | A number of established companies and consumers have already been harmed financially or emotionally by his behaviour which is both predatory and psychotic in nature. Numerous impacted companies have requested he remove their company name from his fake lists which he has all but ignored or worse yet started mocking them by writing demeaning articles about them and posting them on his website which then gets ranked at the top on google,, .Https://, | Some of these companies have been forced to write counter articles on their own website after he has refused their requests, diverted business and directly attacked them through fake reviews or threats of harm to their businesses,, https://writingguru.Net/wendi-weiner-counternotice-mike-podesto-fake-reviews/ | In addition to all this he continues his geographic slog by calling himself the best of each category in multiple countries where he has never had customers nor has he any way to verify these claims. Bbb has since updated their report on him to reflect his compliance with their requests but this has in no way stopped this behaviour of making false claims, creating fake lists and attacking other writers with whom he has never done business.

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  1. Marianela Vandernoot
    June 16, 2020

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