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First Credit Finance Review

I called to make a payment , so I was transferred to Martin A from First Credit Finance. He was very rude, his tone of voice. He then started threatening me on closing no my account. He said you don’t make the rules, I make them . It’s my way if you don’t like it , I’ll close your account right now! Told him let me speak to your manager please, your tone & they way you talk to people is very unprofessional. He started yelling no! No! No! I will not transfer you unless you agree to make the 500 today . I told him I have no problem making the payment but it will not be to you. I want to speak to your manager . He said no ! No! I’ll close your account ! Is that what you want me to day ? Cause I will do it! He finally transferred me to his manager Ivan, then you can hear Martin A , talking very loud to his manager about the situation. While I was trying to speak to him. His manager did not say anything to him, Martin was still yelling near the phone while I was trying to talk with his manager.

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