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FirstUSA Business Development, Inc. Review

I had just started a business on the internet through Amazon ( May 2017) when I was contacted by this company to set up my business account under a corporate business umbrella to keep all my income (finances) out of my personal name and out of reach of the gov’t so it would not affect my social security benefits. set up a press release which would be sent out to all major outlets, and set me up with a course in a corporate education program (which was approved to pay in monthly installments of $94.00 per month once the business got started. | AlsoThey led me to believe that they were another Amazon affilliate associated with the Alpha Marketing Group that I had invested in a few months earlier that developed 2 websites for me which I later found out were not affilliated with them at all. In the last 2 months I have been called by a company called UAS that claim that I owed them money for the corporate education program. I paid them $94.00 in November and now they are saying I am 3 months behind and that I owe $306 and can be turned into a collection agency if I don’t get this paid up. I have explained to them I have no money to pay them as I have never received any income for any of the so-called work USA did for me which I invested about $5,000 in. I was trying to find a phone number for First USA when I found this website on how to report and claiming being scammed by First USA. I was totally shocked to see this but extremely thankful that this site came up.

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  1. Chet Buhl
    June 16, 2020

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