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I had called Florida Pool Enclosures (jeff Osborn) for screen estimate, at that point he offered service for paving pool and lanai area for me, his price came in lower than the others, and talked me into tremon manufacturer instead of the flagstone or cobblestone i liked with others, and he guaranteed i would get the exact same color blend,and quality work which was guaranteed, i had gotten a proposal for screened in lanai with pavers together at the same time on his “florida pool enclosures” he left- and came by the very next day expecting the job -and showed me another proposal for pool and lanai with 4′ extension. this was july22,2016 i agreed .jeff osborn also guaranteed the job done with 3 days after delivery of pavers. which never arrived until sept. i had piles of sand poured ontop of my new palm and bush bed whicdh we just laid black weed block and tons of mulch $500.00 worth of stuff- sand just dumped all over it, when i had aleady asked them to dump further back. nope. then there were pavers all over driveway and pile of gunite.so every entrance to my house you brought sand in with shoes. horrible. | then they start work in end of october- they dont have the right amount of pavers -Jeff measured wrong and the 4″ coping didnt cover the old blue interior tile trim- agsin – wrong on Jeff’s measurements and misinformation on how the coping just wont cover the 6″blue tile- so now new tile has to be bought- Jeff was to handle this. | then we start up in nov. again, and we get the new coping and its totally wrong color blend- and still short of pavers to complete job, and the color blends did not match – because they had to order additional pavers 3 x which causes the color blend not to be a match. and it had so much orange and gold- whereas i was supposed to accept this. i ddint want to they should have just aent back everything and started all over. i was suposed to have color of cobblestones harvest blend and flagstone chicago style – jeff osborn absolutely guaranteed i would have that -told me the owners are on site as supervising -during the whole job -NOT – and it would all be done in a professional way. | i also gave one of the paver guys 150.00 cash as he asked to redo our baby gate holes in the tile the right way. he never came back and whoever did the holes were wrong- and broke a tile- i have to pay 650.00 for a pool professional to do soACCG took back the high quality drain system i was supposed to have and brought back a cheap thing that does not evendrain- (because earl complained he was losing money on job) and never got it sealed, sand all over- pavers are all crooked popping up- sinking- and a loose tile i almost fell on where the step-bottom line – to re-do all this 20,000.00- not to menitoned they ruined my pool surface- another 5,000.00. and helf up all my interior work – costing increase in supplies missed out of deals. stress-they knew my daughter was getting married and i needed the patio done by thanksgiving.(from july 22 ) they threw it together by dec.2 -wedding was 3rd- never wanted to handle the wrong color issue ,they did not offer a discount to have someone else come ouit and do the work, they left this job site several times, i had tremon rep.out here 3 x ,, it was on their shoulders of all errors, when you pay 11,000.00 for a job- you should get what you want. | i;m very upset about this, such a shame that contractors can just throw a lien on you without justification or correcting their errors. we are consulting legal council– this house was supposed to be our retirement. they ruined everything.

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