Flanders Provisions

Flanders Provisions Review

I had the misfortune of purchasing “Flanders Homestyle Beef Patties” at my local grocery. I am sure the only way they can claim them to be beef patties is the inclusion of beef HEARTS in the mix of ingredients. These disgusting patties had the texture of a tofu patty, even after being thoroughly cooked. They were slimy, brown in color, and they looked the same cooked as they did raw. | I managed to eat one of these vile, disgusting things before throwing the other 15 in the box away. They had no flavor, no meaty taste, nothing. They were repulsive. I was sick for two days after eating them. I don’t see how this place stays in business putting garbage like this out. | If you see these disgusting things in your grocery, do not even think about buying them, no matter how cheap they are.

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