Flemington Borough Police Department

Flemington Borough Police Department Review

Flemington, NJ is a town where no one really knows eachother and no one even knows who their congressman or representatives are. This lack of communication has enabled one of the darkest and most disgusting crimes to take place, that is, crimes against defenseless women and children. | Reading some of the stories that have recently come out about the flemington, nj police, specifically police chief has george becker encouraged me to share my story. | My story is similar to many that you’ll read about police chief george becker I was a single women in my early twenties and was pulled over for, supposedly, going 45 in a 40 but this was not at all true. The cop that pulled me over was none other than the infamous police chief george becker he demanded my paperwork, I had them in my hand and ready. I handed them to him. He then leaned the top of his body, literally, inside my car and sniffed my hair and neck and got so close to my face that as he pulled himself out of my car he had my lipstick on his face. | excuse me?!” I shouted. “shut that perdy mouth bit*h” he screamed back. I absolutely wasn’t taking this, I screamed back “give me the ticket and i’ll see you in court. Don’t think for a second i’m going to take this sexual harassment laying down!” I may be small but I had heard about the perversions of police chief george becker and I was ready to file a lawsuit, now. | The thing is, you never expect something to happen to you, your wife, your daughter, your teenage son or mother but when it does you either fall victim or you fight back. I chose to fight back. He was back in his car in seconds and sped off. Just like the others who are finally bold enough to report the criminal activity of, now retired, chief of police george becker i’m telling my story so that others will step forward and bring this pervert to justice. | Do not let him off the hook!

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