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Hello Consumers, | Yesterday, I visited Flight Finance in Augusta, Georgia with my 75 year old grandmother. When we walked into the door, Reed Dyches spoke. I requested the agreement or contract. Reed asked in a condescending way, “Who are you?”. I stated, the client is here. He went to get the file. When he came back, he threw the file on the desk before he sat down. I was offended that a business would treat their customers like this. I discovered they take a picture of their customers. | As I reviewed the agreement, the company charged an elderly citizen 45.99% interest rate. I was completely shocked! How can a finance company charge this astronomical interest rate? Are there laws in other states to prevent this type of rate? | He had a picture of his family on the wall. I asked him how do you work at a company who rip people off everyday. He said he likes his job. Later, I found out he actually visited my grandmother house because she was late. She has been with the company for several years. It is time to prevent finance companies from taking advantage of low-income and elderly citizens. | I want to inform other consumers that this company is a real ripoff. |

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