Floor World of West Florida

Floor World of West Florida Review

Floor store owners with their lies need to be accountable for dishonesty and shoddy installation. And using crew from another county have most likely burned through local help from their lies. wife lied saying her husband installs the carpet. So stuck in horrible situation as would not had used this business & their mailbox is full & unable to leave messages and they do not return ones calls re follow up work, & re shoddy job installation. Tack stripping has nails I’ve been stepping on for 3 weeks now, a shredded seam, unsecured carpet in traffic area, gapped 1/2″ carpet from wall, left tacks in carpet, walkway, & driveway, and a razor tossed in side yard where their material wasn’t & where we walk bare foot w/ pets, etc. Issues. So this company is just that, a ripoff and unfit that got all my money for a pitiful flooring install.

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