Florida Energy Air Conditioning, Inc.

Florida Energy Air Conditioning, Inc. Review

I am renting a house with a newly-installed, almost $10,000 Airtemp A/C system, that has a 1-year, all-inclusive warranty on the parts and installation, according to the home-owner. | The system is only 7 months old and we’ve only had 2 issues. One was the filter had to be replaced, so I bought a new one and we were good up until June 1, 2018. | My wife is 7 months pregnant and high-risk with a heart condition, so getting it addressed as quickly as possible is incredibly important for her health, so I called our property manager. We did the some standard trouble-shooting, checked the filter and everything looked fine. | Our property manager called Florida Energy Air Conditioning Inc. to try and help us get them out here ASAP and apparently there was an altercation between him and the staff, not related to me, as I’ve only ever been exceptionally pleasant to the technicians who came out, Denise the office manager and even Cary, the owner of the company. I even went so far as to praise how knowledgeable and friendly Denise and their technicians were when I worked with them personally, to Cary, and to Denise herself. | In their defense, we did call at a very inopportune time and they were extremely busy with other customers, but they sent 2 of their technicians out to look at the issue the next day anyway, after I called and spoke with Cary, who walked me through a couple of more advanced troubleshooting steps to see if we could get the system working again. | While talking to Cary on the phone, I went outside to check the outdoor unit and found that it was iced over. Not only that, but the compressor inside of the unit was leaned over and resting against the copper reverse valve tubing inside of the unit. I wasn’t sure at the time, but I’m sure that the metal outer housing of the compressor should not be resting against a copper pipe as the vibrations from the compressor will eventually lead to damage to the copper piping and Cary agreed that the compressor should be perfectly up-right and not leaning at what appeared to be, approximately, a 30-degree angle and resting against the reverse-valve. | When the technicians arrived, they took the outer housing off of the outdoor unit, and climbed inside, and found that I was correct. All of the freon leaked out where the compressor and reverse-valve were touching, creating a hole in the pipe where contact was made. They tried to weld the pipe, twice, to fix it, but could not get the issue resolved and decided that the reverse-valve had to be replaced, which was a special-order part from one of their suppliers. The part wouldn’t arrive for 5 days. | Regardless, I understood that the company was busy and decided that we would do our best to deal with it by purchasing fans for the house to try and stay cool. The technicians ordered the part and left. After they left, I called Cary to see if there was any way to have the part over-nighted at my expense, which I did pay for, as a show of good faith. Cary then told me that after the altercation between the property manager and Denise and he would no longer work with the property manager of the home. He would only work with the home owner, but he said he’d look into having the part over-nighted and call me back. | I decided that I would take the higher ground and called Cary back and VERY nicely told him that I completely understood that they were busy and we would hold out until they could get on-site, to which he replied that the part could be sent over-night. | The issue was resolved the day the part arrived, but today I received a certified letter with an unpaid bill for $1060.00 for services related to what was OBVIOUSLY covered under warranty. I shouldn’t be involved as this is not my house, but even after speaking with Cary, he SPECIFICALLY told me that he knew, but he wants his money and he is just following the path of least resistance….ME… STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. This is between the home owner and the company, NOT ME. This is EXTREMELY unprofessional, even after treating them all with the utmost respect

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