Flower Delivery Express

Flower Delivery Express Review

Flower Delivery Express did not deliver. They had a website that had a pop up over their bill that said free delivery and when I clicked on it in good faith I had to pay $24.00 in delivery fees plus a $21.75 sales fee. They have a consumer line that is foreign and only sends you to a consumer advocate that does not exist. They don’t answer and they don’t call back. | This company is a sham. I am out $105.00 dollars for a $49.00 boquet that I never received. The BBB has thousands of complaints but hasn’t done a thing. That consumer advocacy group is not worth what the taxpayers expect. We need to get rid of con companies like this. They are also known as Wesley Berry and a few other aka’s. They have fraudulent advertising, no customer service, and don’t deliver. How crooked do they have to get before they are ousted. | Thank you for listening.

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