Food Truck Builders of Phoenix

Food Truck Builders of Phoenix Review

Hand washing sink was too small – per health dept requirements | Damaged exterior | Removed my sound system | Save yourself time, money and frustration and avoid this place!!! | I paid FTBP $33,480 to convert my ice cream truck into a food truck. | On November 21, 2018 I met with Tony for a consultation. At the end of our consultation, he provided me with a hand-written drawing of what would be in my truck. | We discussed payment & I was told they prefer a wire transfer. I told them I could do that for the down payment, but the balance would have to be paid with a credit card. He told me I could pay with my card, but I would have to pay an additional 3% cc surcharge. | He said he couldn’t give me a price until the blueprints were completed. I paid him $900 cash on that day. | On December 3rd I asked for an update. He said he needed money from me. I told him I never got blueprints, a contract or a price. | The next day, a contract was emailed to me stating $15,000 down and $15,000 plus $2,580 tax would be due when the truck was 80% complete. Still no blueprints though. | I wired $15,000 on Dec 4, 2018. | Between Dec 4th and Jan 9th, I called, texted & emailed numerous times asking about the blueprints. Most of the time I was just ignored. No response to text or email and when I called I was told they would check on it and get back to me, but didn’t. | I didn’t receive them until Jan 10th, 2019. 50 days after my consultation & they were wrong. | Starting on January 10th, I again sent numerous text messages, emails & called about the blueprints not being correct, but was ignored. | On Jan 24th I took the incorrect blueprints and application to operate to the health dept. I was informed that he could not accept my application in segments | All of my documents needed to be submitted at the same time. He told me that in addition to the application, payment and correct blueprints, he also needed the specification sheets for every piece of equipt. that would be inside the truck. | I called FTBP and told them what I was told and what I needed. On Jan 28th, I sent an email stating in writing everything that I said when I called on the 24th, my concerns about not receiving responses to my texts/emails, asking for an idea of a completion date, concerns about blueprints and the health inspectors contact info. | On Thurs Jan 31 5pm I received a call and an email that my truck was 80% done. When I tried to pay with cc they said WE DON’T TAKE CREDIT CARDS. They tried to get me to sign over my title to them! They said that if I didn’t wire them the money, they would keep my truck and my $15,900 down payment!!! | I borrowed the $$ and wired $17,580 on Feb 4th & was told truck would be done in less than 10 days. | Despite numerous requests, I didn’t get the spec sheets until Feb 19. | On Feb 22nd I received revised blueprints, but they were still incorrect!!! | Again, I sent numerous emails about the blueprints, but I was ignored. | On March 1st, I received an email stating my truck was DONE & had been moved to a storage facility at a cost to me of $100 per day. | Also stated that I needed to pay $5300 for a generator that was on my ori drawing & WAS included. I was told at consult that IF I didn’t buy generator from them, it would void my warranty. | Picked up truck March 7th. Missing generator, cold prep station and many other things were either missing, used equipt or not properly installed. | It was also damaged. Screws all over that were drilled from interior sticking out the exterior and along with other issues, they removed my entire sound system. | They advertise all over the internet that “they are the only company that guarantees to pass initial health inspections.” My truck failed inspection on March 26th, 2019. | At my consultation, I was told it would take about 30 days from start to finish. From the date of my 1st payment, Nov 21, until they gave me a pick up date of March 1st, it was 100 days. | I am still not able to use my truck. I have to pay another Co to do what they were paid to do and fix what they did wrong. | Also, I found out they DO take credit cards.

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