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I am an exotic dancer and for my protection and privacy, I use and give customers a fake name and email where they can contact me. I have a very loyal customer who emailed me a gift card for Footlocker and it was gifted to my fake name. | I placed an order online and paid the remaining balance with my card and had it sent to my boyfriend’s address. Footlocker then called me to verify my information and they emailed me a couple days later saying they cancelled my order. I thought I might have given the wrong information by mistake so when they issued me another gift card, I placed another order online and sent it to my boyfriend’s home and I paid the remaining with my debit card again. Footlocer called to verify my information and emailed me a couple days later saying they cancelled the order once again. | I called their customer service to resolve the issue and they said they were just going to refund my customer. A couple days later my customer came revealed that he has been refunded and that Footlocker told him my real name and my boyfriend’s name to him stating that the billing name did not match the gift card name. | Now I have permanently lost business from this customer because Footlocker revealed my information. In addition, Footlocker has banned me from purchasing from any of their stores and when I called to ask why they said that it’s because I owe them money. | Through this process, I have spent multiple hours on the phone with footlock, had my information given away, lost a customer and is banned from purchasing from them. The items I wanted were not available in stores and online was my only option. I have been given gift cards to ‘sweetheart’ or ‘honey’ before and has never had trouble placing an order.

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