Forest City Management Inc

Forest City Management Inc Review

Forest city mgt company in Cambridge Mass is involve with corruption. Robbing foreign students , manipulate and intimidated all for greed. They are evil and wicked. The State Housing along with government officials are involve, I know the ones by what was said and done to me. I know my phone line is unsafe but I don’t care, I speak the truth. They must think because I am a Christian i was a fool, they learnt their lesson. I embarrass them and they placed brown newspaper over their office windows during the winter and summer pass they half painted white so no one could see. I am a psychology major. The State told me to sign papers not to sue or else in 2016. I will continue to expose all who is involved. They are evil and wicked greedy thieves. | They manipulate, intimidate residents and foreign students robbing and stealing. It was confirmed by a fellow mayor employee there was corruption. My life was in danger so I left. The State Housing is involve along with government officials. I am going to the media , I told 2 professors at my college about what i know. They are evil, greedy and wicked stealing. I am not afraid to speak the truth. I believe in humanitarian justice. I know my phone line is unsafe. Email They robbed foreign students who dont know the law. I became their victim because my exhusband died and i got money from M.I T. The manipulate and intimidated me inquiring my connection to M.I.T and wanted to know what i doid with the money i got. They tried to forced me to sign documents to go back to work. They did other stuff. I expose them on rhe internet, yelp and other media. Certain Cambridge poluce and government officials are involved. Because i wont conform i was told by Ferita why am i so adamant. Susan H city attorney is involved

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