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Report Filed: Forest Edge Apartments Hometown Boys LLC Predatory Towing of Resident’s Vehicles (Modern Day Horse thieves) Oregon City Oregon!!

I recently moved into this apartment community here in Oregon City, OR, called Forest Edge Apartments. My fiancu00e9 and I wondered why no one parked their vehicles in front of their apartment in our building. There are plenty of empty spaces clearly marked u2018Ru2019 for resident. We were told by the management that they could only issue 1 parking sticker per apartment and that my fiancu00e9 would have to park his vehicle in the visitor parking which is clearly marked u2018Vu2019for visitor. John brought it to the attention of the manager at the time of signing the lease that there were no visitor spaces available and that all of the resident spaces were empty. He inquired about paying for an additional space. u201cNo,u201d was the reply and that they were parking spaces at the very bottom of the hill, where his truck could not be visualized at night from our apartment. He was told he would simply have to find visitor parking way down the hill from his apartment. My fiancu00e9 is middle aged, and is in decent physical condition, but this seemed ludicrous since there are 9 empty spaces within 25 feet of either side of our front door. In addition to the u201cNo,u201d reply, the manager stated something to the effect that they are trying to open up some garages for rent on the property for $100.00 extra dollars a month. But, at the current time of us signing the lease, they were full of evicted tenantsu2019 belongings. John finally got a day off work and we purchased a box spring mattress for our bed. He left his truck parked in an u201cRu201d marked space, and once again,..there were no available u2018Vu2019 spaces for him to park in. He had left his keys in the ignition and was a mere 25 feet away right inside of our apartment. He had unloaded the box spring mattress and parked close to the door of our apartment for the ease of unloading. He had left his keys in the ignition and was a mere 25 feet away right inside of our apartment. According to my neighbor, who witnessed the towing, this occurred at midnight. In the morning when he awoke, his truck was gone. Upon calling the police, he discovered his truck had been towed. He was informed of the towing company name and number. He called and was told that he could pick it up after 8 am. So, we drove 15 miles to the city of Portland and then were told he would have to pay storage too. John negotiated and was able to get his truck back for the ridiculous amount of $254.00. John and I were told when we signed the lease, that cars will be towed that do not have a parking permit. Itu2019s as if this whole arrangement between the 21 Century Towing and Forest Edge Apartments is meant to seize tenantsu2019 property and harass the residents. It is set up as a no win situation for the tenants. This is predatory and malicious. Another point I wish to make is that John inquired with 21st Century towing how much it would cost to have his truck towed to a garage around the corner of the impound yard and was told $75.00. Upon observation of the vehicles that are parked in the visitor section by the office, some do have valid stickers in the rearview mirror. I donu2019t know for sure what their story is, but it is my gut feeling and intuition that they were probably towed even with a sticker. Probably now, they are afraid to park in front of their own building. I now live in fear of my property being stolen. John lost a half day of work, plus the money it cost him to get his truck back. In the days of the old west, horse thieves were hung. His truck is like his pony. I am seeking an attorney with a rope. I have complained to several officials about this situation. I have only been here a little over a month and want my $1,000.00 deposit back, moving expenses, lost wages, towing $ back, and cost of our car alarms. We never had to have a car alarm before living here. On top of all of this, this place is infested with c**k roaches. Future tenants u2013 best to find a different place. This one is a ripoff.

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