Forest Hills At Belview L P

Forest Hills At Belview L P Review

First and foremost my family has been harassed by people who have since been evicted, we have been assaulted, cursed, and property damage. When filing complaints Linda Fisher famous words are well kids will be kids and now my family is being thrown out because we filed complaints against said family members. Linda doesn’t know how to manage property properly. When trying to contact the owner Mark Kinser he refuses to respond. Linda Fisher actually acknowledges that my family hasn’t caused the problems here but yet told me I would be better off homeless or moving. My advice to anyone is do not rent here, she refuses to fix issues w property as well as evicting good people who have children and no where to go for no reason at all. Save your time and find a safer place to live. I will be contacting the BBB and filing suit for discrimation.

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