Fortuna Italian Restaurant

Fortuna Italian Restaurant Review

Fortuna restarant is a real rip off ! first they refused to allow service animal in restarant . When we came back on december27 2016. They were having Christmas party in front room .all of attention was given to the party room .we ordered chicken dish with noodles and Alfredo sauce . The dish was delivered to quickly covered with sauce uncovered chicken cut in spongy and pink center clearly under cooked served back within minutes covered with sauce still no more cooked than first time when we told them they refused to cook more they were very rude and refused to give us any service even water they refused to give any money back . The owner said you can’t come back you and your sevice dog is not welcome …. They did this on purpose Looking for reason to deny us coming back . after getting food poisoning turned into health dept if your looking for great food don’t even think about this place they don’t like dogs the owner is Asian make in Korea alone the torture and eat over three million every year

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