Foundation Of Exceptional Achievers Inc

Foundation Of Exceptional Achievers Inc Review

Foundation of Exceptional Achievers Inc. may seem like it is built to serve the disabled like they like to promote, but it is the complete opposite. They do not provide fundamental activites for the individuals, they have limited resources, and hire people that are incapable of working with that type of popualation. | Starting with the head of administration, they are not involved in the daily functions of they’re own business they peak around corners trying to find they’re staff out of compliance. They dont offer they’re employees any type of benefits, direct deposit, or pay raises. The turnover rate is extremely high. They don’t offer consumers choices, they repeat they’re lessons every month, not giving the consumers an option to learn something new. | They don’t keep supplies in stock for staff such as gloves, hand sanitizer, disinfected wipes. Things to keep infections to a all time low. This company should be reported, I’m not sure how they are still up and running because it is obvious they care about the money they get out of it.

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