Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning

Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning Review

I hired Four Seasons Heating and Cooling to repair a gas leak in my home. Four Seasons Heating and Cooling quoted me for two separate items – identifying the leak by doing a gas pressure test on the exposed gas line and repairing the leak. The plumber, Rick, who came to perform the work identified one leak, but he said that the gas pressure test is showing another small leak somewhere. I asked him if he can look for the second leak, I was desperate to have it repaired because I had a small baby in the house. Rick said that he needed a second person with him to trace the leak along the exposed line because it was a crawling basement and he did not have the means to operate the pressure machine and check for the leak at the same time. I was surprised because he did confirm that the pressure test included the exposed line from the meter. I asked him to call for help. He said that they do not work in teams and that I would have to pay more for a second worker. It was already late and Rick had a party to go to, he said to call the next business day and request a team to come over at a reduced price to finish the job. He even suggested that I should replace the entire line. I felt I was taken advantage of. I called another company the next day who came and repaired the small leak because I did not trust Four Seasons Heating and Cooling anymore. I called Rick after two days to discuss the bill and he said that I will receive a call from the owner and that all the company knows about the problem. The owner never called me back, however I received an e-mail that Four Seasons Heating and Cooling will put a lien on my house if I don’t pay the balance in full. I have never dealt with a company that cheats its customer so blatantly. It is a rip off and I hope that other people are aware of this before hiring them to do a job.

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