FractalGo Review and the person running this business is a complete and total conman operation. | I subscribed to his Fractal Alerts service that I discovered at TradeStation. It was a disaster and I lost over $50,000 taking the advice of this person. | Only after I lost my money, and did some research, I discovered that Rich Clifford is a long time swindler and conman selling “investment systems” to suckers like myself. | In 2002, he worked for a company lost $9 million dollars and the CFTC shut the company down. | In 2004, he started another company Lake Dow Capital, once again the CFTC shut the company down and fined nearly $1.9 million dollars. | In 2005, he goes to work for a company named American Derivatives, which of course is yet another scam that is closed down the CFTC for fraud. | In 2008, he starts a company named Magma Fund Advisors, taking money from small investors. What happened next? Fraud. The company is shut down by US authorities. | And now, as of current, he is operating his latest scam named FractalGo. Talking small investors out of their hard-earned money and selling them worthless trading systems. | This guy is an absolute con-artist.

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