Franchises For Professionals

Franchises For Professionals Review

Franchises for Professionals promises high quality leads of professional individuals interested in starting a business. | The process to get the leads connected to our CRM was a disaster. They never resolved the issue, we had our developer go back and change our end to receive the data in the incorrect format they were sending it in. They never reached out to us to test lead delivery, just started sending leads….THEN, once we started getting readable information, the leads were almost impossible to contact at all. | The extremely small percentage of leads that did answer our calls didn’t know how we got their info, didn’t ask for info on any business opportunity and were not transitioning professionals. | We sent repeated emails and left multiple voicemails to cancel immediately. They made absolutley NO response and continued to send us the junk. We specifically instructed them to NOT charge our credit Card and they did so anyway. Do Not try to work with this company! They are a Fraud, a Scam and totally un-responsive to issues once you start the services.

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