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I became member in nov 2017 , the plan I was told it covers ,,all / with a $500 deductable in case of Emergency ,, also a outpatient /surgen benefits ,, | this Year May 2018 – June 5 th 2018 , I was diagnosed with Hernia , and had a surgery scheduled , the day of the Surgery I found out from Cleveland Cinic That My Insurance did not cover the Surgery ( 18,000.00 +) But I can Call and upgrede the Plan ( onece in life time , available ) | After the call to Fredom Life , I was told to upgrade to premium plan for $4,000.00 deductable and 794.00 more per/mo to a total of 1,200.00 per/mo or the other plan was even more rediculos like 50% deductable and less on premium . | I could not afford the surrgery so I will wait … till I can | I was left in shock , I had asked Cleveland Clinic if I had to come up w/ down pym immmediately they told me its up to inssurance / witch the wanted the same day .I had recived the lab work bill from them from 270$ the cover $30 my ballance is $240 | I called and Canceled this Scam of insurance , if there is a Attorney that wants to take this Scam Artist on ,

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  1. Efren Huyghe
    June 16, 2020

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