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I give the company a big fat ZERO! We bought a used motorhome from these people at the fair grounds this past August, 2017. We paid cash and were told that everything in the rv would be inspected and fixed if something was wrong. I expressed my concern that the roof might be leaking but couldn’t tell for sure. They told me they would give it the hose test. We drove our rv home the following week. After a week we started smelling something molding. lifted up the bunk mattress and way in the front it had been leaking and rotting. I got up on the roof with my husband’s help and washed the roof off to see if it was at all leaking and inside the front corner of the bunk it was leaking like a sieve. I called the manager and asked if there was anything they would do for us. He told us to bring it back and they would “make it right”. I was assured from Mr. Lane that it was not their policy to let something go out of their lot in that condition. | I was relieved. | Made an appointment to take it back and have them fix it. (mind you we live 3 hours away). A week and a half went by and no word so I called for an update. The service guy said that it was fixed, I asked what had been done? He told me “nothing, they left it out in the rain and it didn’t leak”. I asked him if they had lifted the mattress in the bunk to check it out and he said, “why would we do that if it isn’t leaking?” Needless to say I got very upset. I then asked to talk with Mr. Lane. Mr. Lane told me there was nothing wrong with it and I told him again that it was leaking like a sieve and the bunk was rotting and reminded him of his promise to “make it right”. He got sarcastic with me and said, “what does make it right mean to you?” We picked up the rv and will NEVER recommend these people to anyone. In fact, we have a lot of family and friends in the Spokane area, some who own businesses and they have found our testimony to be of great interest and will pass it on.

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