FreedomSoft Review

I am so very dissatisfied with this company. I subscribed to a free trial and was told upfront I could cancel it for a full refund. When I did cancel they still charged my card and it has been 3 months and still no refund. | I have sent repeated emails requesting that this issue be addressed. I hear from them asking for clarity and then nothing else. I have never seen such bad customer service in my life. | Companies today that focus heavily on the internet to promote their services should excel in customer service. I am very disappointed as I have received emails from Preston Ely for years. I also have read some of his books. Now it just seems like all he wants is to have people pay and not honor the requests of people who are dissatisfied with his service. | I am writing because I want to go on record as being a very disgruntled customer who is being forced to pay for a service he does not want and will no longer support. | I hope the company reads this email and looks at all the emails I have sent that are unanswered, process my requests for a refund and apologize publicly for such sorry customer service.

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