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Friday Trend, based in England, shipping from China has consistently been incompetent and has failed to follow through on any of its commitments whether on their website or their messages. I order a couch cover from them in early November 2019 for a two week delivery. It took over a month. | Buyer beware of dealing with them. The history is below (most recent info first). | The product that eventually did arrive was of poor quality, was not the proper fit as advertised, and I found something different for less money on Amazon which arrived in three days after ordering. | ================ After much back and forth, Friday Trend’s manager told me to keep the cover without charge. | Go forward a month and I am being charged again. | Friday Trend refiled the charge with Chase (my credit card company) and because the item was “received”, Chase is returning the funds to the company. If I pay $80+ to return the item, Chase will reverse the charges. | =========== Dear FridayTrend, | Your company failed in your duty in several ways: – Never submitted tracking info. – Failed to notify me that delivery would be late. – Failed to provide the item on time. – Stated you would pay for return shipping but are now attempting to renege. Shipping the item back to the UK costs ($80+) more than the item originally cost ($42). This problem of late delivery is not my fault – it is your company’s. It was supposed to arrive in 2 weeks. It took a month. | Additionally, the address you have sent me to return the item doesn’t match where it originated from or the address on your website for returns. I will be following up with my credit card company to let them know the situation and ask for their advice on how to handle this problem of return. Please send me a postage paid document for return and I will send it back promptly. Thank you, Cindy

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