FriendlyDuck Review

FriendlyDuck or FriendlyDuck.Com is a questionable affiliate marketing company that enlists partners to promote consumer rip offs via Usenet.Nl sign ups and is managed by Viola Francioni in Italy. They offer affiliate partnerships to anyone that will direct people toUsenet.Nl signups. | Worse, they support spammers who create vast numbers of domains that change names and hosts on a daily basis. The sites use book description databases that purport to offer E-books for download at Usenet.Nl. DMCA complaints are useless when filed with FriendlyDuck, for the next day they will reactivate the affiliate link once the author would believe it has been deactivated. | There is also evidence online to show that FriendlyDuck affiliate websites mimick genuine commercial websites using the same domain name but with an add on, and use the uploaded bookjacked description libraries to redirect people to Usenet. | Nl. | The scam is to lure someone into thinking a PDF can be downloaded free, Usenet.Nl then asks for credit card details for verification, claiming not to charge it if cancelled, but then cancellation is impossible and charges ensue. To add insult to injury, the PDF is rarely available. | FriiendlyDuck affiliates are based in Italy and are not recommended for any affiliate marketer. Genuine and honest people wanting to affiliate market may find their tracking codes are used without their permission by FriendlyDuck to sell more Usenet.Nl signups. | Their terms and conditions are questionable, and allow them to withhold commissions for copyright violations that may not even be attributable to yourself. Caution is advised in dealing with them, for they clearly know about the Usenet.Nl fraud and are in all likelihood part of it:

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