I bought Frigidaire air conditioner on Amazon. The warranty was 2years. The unit worked OK the 1st summer. The next summer the performance became worse, but it still worked. This summer the unit is still under the warranty. It makes no cold air. It is absolutely useless. | I contacted Frigidaire at the beginning of June 2017. The warranty was valid. They said that I had to pay $40.00 and they would replace the unit, send it to a service company that was supposed to install it. I was not told how much the company would charge me for installation. Without knowing how much I was supposed to pay for installation, I did not agree to accept the offer. | The company could charge me $500.00 for installation. I had no control over the installation charge. | I explained that to Frigidaire on the phone. I had to make several phone calls because Frigidaire does not use email to communicate with customers. This is 2017! Each phone call lasted close to an hour. Some phone calls end without any results because they have people that hardly speak any English. | Frigidaire sent me a letter. They wanted me to send them original invoice and sticker from the unit. I tried to scrape off the sticker. It did not come off. If I tried harder, I would destroy it completely. That means Frigidaire used excellent glue instead of making a good air conditioner. | I made pictures of the unit. They specifically wanted serial number. It’s Frigidaire air conditioner model FFRA0511R1, serial KK44253994. I sent pictures with letter by certified mail. That’s another $7.00 wasted. Frigidaire sent me a letter telling me that they needed the original sticker knowing that I could not scrape it off without destroying it. | They might as well ask me to deliver a ton of gold to their office. I never thought of Frigidaire as a scammer. Now I do. I still have the useless air conditioner.

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  1. Jonell Offermann
    June 16, 2020

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