Frontier Basement Systems

Frontier Basement Systems Review

Frontier Basement Systems offered to repair our home foundation for $12,000. The other two quotes we received were for $12,500 and $15,000. So we elected to go with Frontier. After they tore down a wall, they told us it would require more work, which would be about $8,000. The salesman that gave us the quote spent 5 hours examining our house. Either he was improperly trained, in which case his bosses should be held accountable, or he deliberately lied to make a sale, in which case he should be fired. | If we had been quoted $20,000 initially we would have gone with one of the other companies. But they had torn down a wall, already collected a $4,000 deposit, and the other company couldn’t begin work for two more months. (We scheduled this company 2 months ago and we had to sell our house, so we couldn’t wait another 2 months.) This company repeatedly apologized for the “inconvenience,” which is insulting. Maybe $8,000 is an inconvenience for Bill Gates, but $8,000 is several months of work for me. | We can no longer pay the down payment on the house we wanted because of this “inconvenience.” They gave us a quote and left us in a helpless position that made us have to accept their adjusted price. If they made the mistake in determining the cost, they should have to eat it. They bid lower than the competition, they then should have to prove they can do it for the price they gave.

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