Frymate Review

I have never worked with such a horrific company as Frymate. We wanted to order several thousand dollars with of filters. We called the owner and he gave us one price. A few weeks later we called back once we were ready to place our order and it was several thousand dollars more. We asked why the price change and he said there wasn’t, that we must have mis-heard. So, we did not place the order that day. About a month later, we tried again seeing as how our needs for these filters increased. The price was different again. When we called him on it, he denied the price ever being different. | We decided we cannot purchase product from a company and person that lies every time he opens his mouth and thank God we didnt. About a month later, we were talking with another restaurant owner who had used these filters and said they were cheaply made and he would not be buying anymore. This possibly was all a blessing anyway.

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