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I arranged a loan through florida state university credit union to purchase a 2011 volkswagen tiguan from capital eurocars of tallahassee..i asked about the extended warranty promoted by the credit union stating that i had not bought a car in about 30 years..i was assured that the route 66 extended warranty promoted by the credit union was very good and there had never been a problem with them..i took out a 4 year 48,000 mile extended warranty.. | i took delivery of the car on august 5, 2016..when i tried to get some clarification from stacie beddard of fsucu about the warranty she was abrupt with me and did not want to answer questions i had..two weeks later i took the car in to capital eurocars with a coolant fluid leak..they also discovered an oil leak..when they tried to get route 66 to fix these they were denied claiming preexisting conditions..the car had been inspected by capital eurocars before i bought it and i am confident they would have either told me of any existing problems or not sold the car..they are a very reputable new and used car dealer of expensive european cars.. | in a phone call i was able to get route 66 to cover the water pump replacement but not fully..they adamantly refused to do anything about the oil leak claiming that it had to be preexisting because it was impossible for it to have happened in the two weeks i had had the car.. | john lowery the used car manager at capital eurocars was willing to trade me out of the tiguan and into another car..fsucu resisted doing so even after capital eurocars said they would pay to transfer the gps tracker to another car..supposedly an agreement was reached in which fsucu would reduce my load by the amount of the oil leak repair..this was stated to me by john lowery whom i allowed to try to work things out with fsucu..this was about august 23 or 24..as of now..september 1, 2016 the bank has never made contact with me not done anything about this supposed agreement..it seems that they are isistent in continuing a problem instead of following through on the solutions presented..this is still an open issue.

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