Funded Today, LLC.

Funded Today, LLC. Review

Funded Today is a scam and has a negative impact on Kickstarter. FT prays on small business owners. | Here was our experience: | One of the low-points in our Kickstarter campaign was our experience with Funded Today. | We reached our goal (yay!) and we continued to be harrassed by FT, wanting us to sign on with them. We were sold hard on the potential upside and relied on FT – the experts – to advise us honestly. Once our campaign was fully funded, FT relentlessly pursued us after we repeatedly and definitively declined. They called us at 7am, at 9pm, and throughout the day. And while I commend this persistence, it’s an irresponsible tactic for first-time entrepreneurs. Without exaggeration, we said “no” more than 10 times. | It’s a bit like walking off a car lot to find the salesman has driven the car to your house. When we were ultimately bludgeoned to purchase, the car didn’t run. | We’ve already been asked a handful of times if we’d recommend Funded Today’s service. The fact is we can’t, in good conscience, advise that anyone sign on with Funded Today.

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