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Future Hair Training Centre Review

I am a former student who completed approx 300 hrs of the 1500 hr hair dressing course. Unfortunately I chose to resign from the school due to the constant belittling, degradation, and humiliation inflicted upon myself and other students mostly by the owner Cynthia Skabar and some of her teachers. After increased anxiety of not knowing what the owner moods would be from day to day and fear of being yelled at and demeaned, I chose to hand in my resignation letter that I was withdrawing from the program because of the way myself and others were being treated. | I had witnessed her make immigrant students cry and multiple other students express their sustain and that they just want to hurry up and get their hours in and get the heck out of there. After doing research I noticed multiple yelp reviews from Customers and students sharing how abusive and unstable this woman is. When I handed in my resignation letter, she refused to give me credit for all the hours I put in and refused to allow me to write my test on colour theory after all my studying and homework was done just to be spiteful. She demanded her kit back so I dropped it off at the school and she tried taking my binder from me that had my recording of my hours. When I refused to give it to her knowing she’d destroy them, she then told me she was going to destroy my proof of hours anyways and call the police on me. | I went home and wrote an honest yelp review and please not there are many reviews from customers and students expressing her emotional instability, acting out, degrading and dehumanization of students etc. Once she noticed the review she blew up my phone leaving me scathing threatening emails to take it down or she’d retaliate. I didn’t take it down and later that evening the police showed up at my door under false claims I was threatening her and she lied stating I was dismissed from the school when in fact I have a resignation letter. I was not dismissed. When the police saw she had no proof of her false claims, they sternly warned her not to contact me or else it becomes criminal harassment. | I wasted 300 hrs of my time in school for nothing to have the owner refuse to acknowledge my hours I put in only because she’s being vindictive that I wrote a truthful review because I chose to stand up to her abusing immigrant students. This woman gives away scholarships and takes in immigrant refugees who don’t know their rights. It’s all a right off for her and she gets free labour in her salon by charging for services while not having to pay out commission checks to licensed stylists. It is my personal experience this woman is very shady, dishonest, vindictive, retaliating and unpredictable.

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