Garcinia Cambogia G3000

Garcinia Cambogia G3000 Review

Husband ordered this product it was listed as a free trial just pay shipping but after 14 days our checking account was charged 177.00 dollars and the product did not help my husband so he thought that was it unless he called and kept ordering it paying full price because my husband said it said free trial but come to find out they sent again without us oking and charged our checking another 177.00 dollars and I can not get it back they say .So refused product sent it back and called twice to make sure cancelled. They said when I called they would just return it to me again because no address on package so called post office they told me since I had refused it and there was a address to send it back to it would be returned to them. Lady at company said they would more then likely send it back to me could not tell me if they would return my second 177.00 or not, call back in a week and she would see if they kept it or refuned my money. Told her I or my husband did not see in ad where it was so high or would not even have ordered it and why I did not get a receipt from where I payed shipping on what was suppose to be a free trial. So all I can say besure read what fine print we did not see before this happens to someone else. Jean ,Wytheville,VA

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