Garcinia X60

Garcinia X60 Review

I had ordered Utimum Garcinia for the free trial at $4.98. Tweleve days later my account was charged $79.00. When you look up the address on the bottle to get the phone number and call it there is a recording stating it has been disconnected. | So I went into my bank account and they had the phone number there. I called and spoke to a person who told me the one bottle was free and the second one I had to pay for. I asked him why when I did not order 2 bottles just the free trial, and wanted to send them back because I did not open them. He told me I could not send them back and the 2nd bottle was atomatically included I told him That was not stated in ordering process. | I asked him for the Address to customer service and he stated he could not give that to me for security reasons. I told him I wanted to file a complaint with the BBB and he huup on me.

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