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Garrett Leatham tricked me again, this guy truly is a piece of work! I’m out thousands in time and travel | I first met Garrett 9 years ago in CA. We have on and off maintained contact over the years, the last to most recent was in 2016 when I invited Garrett to come down to CA for a week for vacation and then to Alaska if that worked out and he was comfortable. He has ALWAYS known my intentions with him was to have a Long Term Relationship, not a friendship!! | Garrett asked me to pay for his airline ticket last year, I did. I even took a week off work. Was about an hour from getting ready to get off work to go home and change and pick Garrett up at the airport when I get an email saying he changed his mind and is not coming. | I was royally hurt and said fine, you lost a friend today and I expect to be reimbursed for the airline ticket which he wouldn’t reply. Acting like his infantile disrespectful self once again. | Fast forward to 2.5 weeks ago I get an email out of the blue claiming you are coming down to retrieve his mother’s car and he wants to meet with me and apologize and give me back the money for the airline ticket. I acquiesced and we met in chino hills. We talked for about 5 hours, he asked to ‘start over’ again, I reminded him I have always wanted a relationship at some point and I am not interested in being friends. His reply is we need to get to know each other again, spend more time together and hang out as his “love takes time”. Sounds good to me. | When should we hang out I asked.. he said he could get some time off in a month or two, which was too long out for me. Since a holiday (3 day weekend) was approaching I suggested I come to Utah, he agreed. I took Friday off work through Monday which is a holiday. I booked a room at the Hyatt Place in Cottonwood heights and he’s known for over two weeks I’m coming up. I even gave him the approximate time I would arrive, 11 am Friday May 26, 2017. He texts me around 10:40 am “you must be getting close” | I replied I was in Provo, 20 minutes away and should we meet now, wait for our dinner reservations at 6:30, gave a light lunch or come to the hotel? He replies “I’m a bit busy for a few hours will come to the hotel when I’m done” several hours later he texts “are you in town?” I replied IVE BEEN IN TOWN FOR A FEW HOURS, I mean HELLO I told him this already before 11 am!!!!!! I gave him the room number, he comes over knock as at the door, no hug. We leave and spend a few hours by the temple then go to dinner. | Come back to the hotel and I gave him a second room key and said “incase you decide to stay over” which he reminded me he probably wont. Later tells me, even though he knew I was coming in Friday- Monday that he has to work sat, sun, mon. Later in the evening I pressed him to stay and asked what the problem was, I mean, I wasn’t planning to do anything… his reply was because he needed to “get back to my roommates” so, one of the two gay roommates who have already rejected him, and I find out he shares a room AND a bed with he cannot leave alone… | But the fool (ME) who drove roundtrip 1400 miles was expected to stay at the hotel alone and maybe 3 hours sat, 3 hours sun, and 3 hours Monday I MIGHT get to see him!!! I DROVE in total by the time got back home 16 hours to see this degenerate ingrate and he wont even sleep over. I told him I don’t want to be here and started packing.. I said “you’re never going to give me what I want anyway, why did you call me.. You made a fool out of me AGAIN” I began having an anxiety attack and suggested he leave and not contact me again.. shortly after he left I text him that we need to talk and to come back. He refused several times. I drove to Utah, I don’t know anyone there and you treat me like this.. then he tells me he’s turning off his phone.. | I left Utah in the early hours of the morning and am back in California. Only a lowlife would have acted like this, a person with empathy would have attempted to patch things up and communicate. | Again, I spent a small fortune because he tricked me, not a nice person!

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