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Gary Jones / 3Arck Capital LLC scam | Beware! Two of my friends have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars dealing with Gary Jones / 3Arck Capital LLC and his accomplice, a Seattle attorney named Holly Joy Johnson. They now have to involve the police, the Seattle state bar, and the FBI fraud division. Gary wants to use your money to make money and play the naive role the whole time. | According to my Uncle who is a fraud investigator, Gary’s scheme involves you having to deposit money into an escrow account with a smaller, lessor known attorney. In this case that is Holly Joy Johnson. Then Gary is supposed to deposit whatever loan amount you are approved for into the same account within 30 days to collectively total 100% of the budget of the project he is funding. Problem is he will come up with some sort of excuse to prolong the deal while your money is in limbo. This is an age old bait ‘n switch scheme where the borrower’s money gets used for some 3rd party deal. | It’s been nearly 60 days since my friend’s made their deposit and Gary, who claimed his investors represent a billion dollars, can’t deliver. Now they can’t get their money back and Holly Johnson won’t even respond to phone calls, text messages, or emails. I have seen this before and what Gary and Holly are doing is stalling for as long as possible while they try to leverage the money placed in her escrow without my friend’s knowledge, consent, or benefit. A police investigation will trace the money trail and verify this so these two can get what they deserve. | They looked up Gary and Holly and found the following: | Gary / 3Arck Capital has no proof of funds for the loans he claims to offer. | Gary / 3Arck does not offer a binding term sheet with set dates and amounts. This is huge red flag! | Gary / 3Arck Capital is has no office, no company attorney, no qualified staff, or executive team, yet he is supposed to have a billion dollars to loan. | 3Arck Capital LLC’s address is to a P.O. Box in Columbus, OH but the company was incorporated with his relative, Louise Jones’ address in the same city.Holly Joy Johnson (age 38), is a solo practitioner who works from home in Seattle, WA. Numerous attempts have been made to reach her by phone, text messages, emails, etc., to no avail. She is one of those people you literally have to visit to get answers and demand results. Her role is to take funds into her trust account as the escrow attorney, she then allows Gary to leverage your funds without your consent or knowledge while he pretends he has no idea what’s going on. His and her tactics are criminal and obvious – stall as long as possible and avoid all communication with the party trying to get a refund. No credible attorney I know would risk everything for such stupidity. | It’s going on 60 days and no Closing or refund. I have encouraged my friends to file complaints with law enforcement and the attorney general in each state, and the Washington state bar for Holly’s part then follow up with a civil suit against each of them to send a message. Unfortunately, it is the only way to deal with scam artists like these two.

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