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First off to get my attention they came across as though they were offering a free gift from costco wholesale, because of my long term loyalty. When answering a few breif questions to aquire the gift. I was given a choice ,and chose the Pure CBD Tincture. After registering for the gift, I thought it was strange to ask me for a credit card. Had to do with shipping and handling. This is all on the internet. So decided to call the company and find out exackly what i was charged for on my card. He told me it was close to 400.00. I blew up and told him to credit my account pronto or there will be a major problem, with conviction!!. He told me that he could not credit the account , but was able to discount the amount. So your telling me you can change the amount of the charge, but are unable to credit the full amount. So after a few more heated words he dropped the price to approx 130.00 for four bottles. I felt that was reasonble knowing a little bit about Cbd oil. Which is not bad, if it works. After reading all of the negative reviews on your website I felt a obligation to write this review. there a third party company and how they can mask themselves as Costco wholesale should be criminal. Thank you, Gary Rhatigan

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