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From October of 2013 I was strung along with every excuse in the book by His Place Germany, and then some, for the reasons my money was not returned. I finally had a belly full of excuses, so I decided that I would try and find other’s that had dealings with His Place in Germany. I found 6 others and we had out first meeting Feb. 28, 2015. We called ourselves “The Upstate Seven” for we all lived in the upper part of South Carolina. We later found another victim and our name was changed to “The Upstate Eight”. Our last email contact with His Place Germany, where we responeded by giving them a deadline to return our money, and their comment to us was; “Well, do what you think you have to do. Well I took that statement to be a challenge and I proceeded to comment on every article and trust me there were plenty. If you need further info about the southern bells and His Place Germany and you will find loads of what Regina and Janie has to say about being a victim. | The other’s have jobs, so commenting on blogs and news articles has become my day job. By the way by being proactive we are no longer victims but champions of a cause. The cause being to warn other southern Christians, to do not do business with this His Place Germany Guesthouse.

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  1. Anonymous
    November 27, 2021

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