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GCI is a terrible company that takes advantage of people by adding in hidden costs and charging you for services never rendered. Unfortunately, most people in Alaska have no choice as they pretty much have a monopoly in Alaska. I signed up for nationwide coverage plan that I was told I would have coverage in the lower 48 area I was going to travel to for a few months. Not only did they not sign me up for nationwide but when I called Tech Support that I had no service they said there was “nothing they could do” which was ridiculous! | Next thing I know, they’re charging me an extra $30 in roaming fees because they never signed me up for nationwide coverage like I requested. I call customer service and they argue with me telling me “everything my fault” then tell me they’re gonna call me back. They never do, so I call them and get on with someone else who tells me he’s given me the credits back and fixed the bill. | The bill never gets fixed, so I call in again, and the person tells me “Oh well that will be applied your next bill” so I’m thinking it will be a bill that’s $30 lower right? No, they charged me $20 extra instead. So again I complain, and they say the exact same things “Oh it’s all credited back….blah blah…on the next bill…” Finally my next bill is $7 cheaper…. | So to recap, I was refused tech help in an area I was told they had coverage, after hours on the phone over 3 months, they end up charging me an extra $40 for services I never received, and then blamed the entire thing on me.

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  1. Katelin Sepeda
    June 16, 2020

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