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Report Filed: Geneis and Associates Geneis and associates Irvine Promised Class action law suit $4000 Irvine, California!!

Cristine was the first person I talked to with Geneis and associates, then Steve Lui, then Rachael. All promised that they were a legiment bussiness and had already joined in a class action suit against CR Title I was asked to pay $4000 to save my house as a estate auction was going to happen in less than one week. I thougt that another company was helping me and didn’t realize the weren’t until it was too late. Racheal was calling me offten and telling me the progress that was being made and that the class action could take up to a year before we would have any results. In September CR Title and Citi Mortage contacted me again and wanted to talk remodifaction again, at that time I tried to contact Geneis and find out what was going on. I had gone to the web site a number of times tring to get a respose and today I found RIPOFF with reports for the same company that had just ripped me off. I’m not sure how I’m suppose to save my house as I’m out of money and totaly to scared to talk to another atty or company that says they can help me and my family. Thanks alot Geneis and Associates, sleep well, I’m on the street.

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