Genetic Processing Center

Genetic Processing Center Review

Hello | hashtag BobbyWilliamScammer | Bobby William is big hashtag Scammer. On his official linkedin account he gave me his skype id that is live:ted_3778 (Screen shots are attached). He have two skype Accounts to scam Innocent people by getting work and then not paying. Started with him on 27th of June and after almost 7 weeks he stopped me on 17th of August and said i will pay you for whatever in process. At that time my 30 leads were in the process of Labs and over 150 were qualified postings which are potential sales. | Now the the skype id which Bobby William gave me on his official linkedin live:ted_3778 is not responding at all but Bobby from his real skype id (live:debtservice79) is responding on his behalf that Ted is saying this or Ted told me this. He is suppose to pay me for 30 approved leads with him $12K but He said that Ted asked Me that we got only 7 billable out of these 30. | I said we are not interested in ruining anyone business Name, we can settle this dispute by getting paid for these only 7 billable according to them but they are not paying for 7 as well.

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