Gentry Assets Capital, LLC.

Gentry Assets Capital, LLC. Review

Gentry Assets Capital, LLC which is found at has been misleading consumer investors and representing itself as an Activist Investor Fund and Group. They have no contact phone number or physical address and have defrauded investors to believe they are an active fund with investments in Google, Apple, Netflix, Alibaba, Facebook, Tesla, Boeing, and Visa. All of this information currently exists on their website This information they represent is intended to deceive and scam investors into funding a fake fund with no chairman. | Their website states that its chairman is Bill Weston who has no contact information or physical address. In less than several months their company fund Gentry Assets claims to be listed in London, New York, Tokyo, Zurich, Sao Paolo, Toronto, Luxembourg, Hong Kong and Sydney. Consumers should take extreme caution not to believe or be de frauded, scammed or mislead by this fake group trying to raise capital. This scam seems to be set up by an a dangrous internet group that should be investigated immediatley by SEC as they represent themselves as having investments in public companies. Investors and consumers beware and take caution.

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