I bought a pair of low top, Jordan XI Concords from the Get-Supplied website in early November of 2015. I received the shoes about two weeks later, and noticed that the ‘upper’ part of the shoe had a blue haze to it. Typical sign of a B GRADE shoe (doesn’t mean it’s fake, it just means it didn’t meet Nikes quality standards coming out of production). These shoes are supposed to be black and white- not blue! So after about a week of me emailing and calling the company to get a REFUND, someone finally responded and told me to ship the shoes back. I did, with specific instructions inside that I wanted my money back. The shoes were never even tried on, so there’s no reason they wouldn’t do a refund. Well, that was in the middle of November. Come early December they email me saying they haven’t received my shoes, so they can’t issue a refund. Not until I sent them a screen shot of the FedEx delivery signature confirmation (a signature of one of their employees), did they respond with “well let us look into this more”. | It’s now December 18th, and I haven’t heard back from them. I’ve easily sent ten emails, called dozens of times (they’ll never pick their phones up), and to no avail.

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