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Gainfranco Mileo is a Venezuelan that lives in Panama City, Panama. He alleges to be a Computer Science Engineer from the University of Miami and to have developed and sold for millions of dollars several apps. The truth be told is that he is not engineer of any sort and has not graduated from the University of Miami ever. Gianfranco Mileo hires developers in India and resells apps in Latin American markets for 10x the price. Gianfranco never delivers the app and still owes money to several app studios in India. Gianfranco claims to have his team of developers in California where he owns a company that develops apps. The truth Is very far from the truth. Gianfranco Mileo Pantoja will offer to “finance” the app and will try to obtain as much as possible in the downpayment and the rest you can pay in monthly fees. He also offers to become partners with you. He will not pay developers and has stolen money and projects from more 10 clients in Panama, Costa Rica and Guatemala. In the middle of the project he will make up additional development fees to obtain more money and the end will be the same. No app or webpage. Be very careful with this thief. His Instagram account is gfmileo and Facebook is Gianfranco Mileo Pantoja. email address is [email& 160;protected] His wife is an avid fraudster as well. Sells network marketing to open up potential victims for his husband. He sells him self as an avid entrepreneur on social media and is very good dressing up his SEO online. He currently has 4 lawsuits in Panama and 1 in Guatemala. Gianfranco mileo pantoja gianfranco mileo

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