Gigopoly, Inc.

Gigopoly, Inc. Review

Gigopoly Inc. promotes itself as managing and marketing products on Amazon for new companies. | As per a contract made in April 2014 between our company and Jack Watters of Gigopoly Inc., their company agreed to help us get us listed on and handle sales and marketing for a cut of the revenue. The listing was under their store name and product was to be shipped to Amazon into their account, on consignment. | This arrangement worked very nicely, the listing on our product was successful. As the sales grew, we were called upon to make larger and larger shipments to Amazon, and the payments were duly made within 2-3 weeks of the sales. | However, the final two invoices for product (dated Sept.22, 2014 & October 25, 2014) were never paid to our company. We now know from Amazon that all our product was fully sold out and Gigopoly received full payment from Amazon. | Gigopoly never remitted just over US$11,500 to our firm, despite receiving the payments from | There were many phone calls, emails, our lawyers letters etc. from October 2014 through February 2015. | Jack Watters claimed investment problems, no cash flow, he made repeated promises to make partial payments but ulimately a payment on Feb.4, 2014 of $1000 Canadian by Paypal was the last we heard of Mr. Jack Watters. | Our company engaged a collection agency as well as a private investigator to locate Gigopoly’s directors, but they are as elusive as the wind. | Beware the sweet talk, the knowledgable enticement, this company is as crooked as they come.

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