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Gilbert’s Tire & Auto Center Review

I had been looking for a set of 325/60r20s BF all terrain baja champion KOs. I couldn’t locate any in Gresham/Portland, I searched on line and was the place that had them. Free shipping had I had the tires shipped to an Installer, Gilberts Tire Shop, Gilberts tire pro was the closest tire installer, Gilberts Tire Shop, Gilberts Tire Pro noted tha they charged $130.00 for all four tire installs on as well. I went into Gilberts Tire Shop,Gilberts Tire Pro and they ordered them for me. After paying $2200.00 for the tires, i asked Craig right away there were any papers on the warranty for the tires. Craig responded there was NO warranty, if i wanted one i could pay $39.99 a tire. I went home and talked to my brother, he told me to back to Gilberts Tire Shop, Gilberts tire pro, and voice my dissatisfaction on the purchase of the tires without a warranty. I tried doing so, but Craig was not willing to hear what I said. | I told Craig, I felt ripped off. Craig told me i got what i got. I went home and went on, and found that under promotions, BF Goodrich had a $70 promotion for buying four new Bf Goodrich Ko’s in November. There website also offered complimentary Roadside service to anyone who buys a product or service from Gilberts Tire Pro, Gilberts Tire Shop, they also gaurantee to be Hassle Free . I then called and talked to Dave, another owner of Gilberts Tire Shop, Gilberts tire pro. After sharing my buying experience with Dave and mentioning the informatIon i had learned from there website. David “the owner” had NO idea what I was even talking about and was certain that his company did not offer such a thing. They are both rude, arrogant, and not helpful in anyway. I was charged $400 over any other tire shop . I have posted reviews on Yelp, in hopes to get some kind of professional responds. Instead I have been called a lier, told I am Bitching and been referred to being like a dog in the neighbors back yard that won’t stop barking. During this time there has been a rush of five star reviews posted on behave of Gilberts Tire Shop, Gilberts tire pro, Even one addressing how Craig one of the owners of Gilberts Tire Shop, Gilberts tire pro goes out of his way to satisfy a new customer who had not even purchased tires from Gilberts Tire Shop, Gilberts tire pro. I have since recieved the $70 rebate from BF Goodrich, not with the help of Gilberts Tire Shop, Gilberts tire pro. But from the information on there own website. I wish I would of never walked into there doors, dealing with this company has been a nightmare. Worst $2200.00 dollars I have ever spent. Save your money and get the customer service and warranty you deserve, go to Les Schwab.

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