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I had a 2004 Audi A4 for sale or trade of equal value. I had already put 4000 into car and found it needed cam shaft seals. Another 1500. So since I’m 66 and on a limited income and needed a car for driving more than a few miles at a time (have macular degeneration and get eye injections so have to travel to Uconn each month) I decided to try and get something at least reliable and would last awhile. Only drive 2200 miles a year. Brian Guillespe contacted me and sent pics of 2001 Chevy Malibu said car was in perfect condition and even though it had high miles engine and tranny had been changed in Jan. with about 75000 miles on them. He got here on a Friday (they are in MA I’m in Ct. About 1hr 15 minutes away. It took him almost 3 hours to get here bringing a 4 yr old boy with him. I found the car dirty dinged and told him I didn’t like it. In front of several people (neighbors in senior housing) told me he had a lot full of cars and to come up and he’d swap it out for any car on the lot. Come to find out he didn’t have a lot. I went to DMV next morning. Seat belt for driver was broken. His remedy for that was a how to DIY video to fix it. Same day went out car wouldn’t start. Turned over but wouldn’t start. I texted him telling him to bring Audi back. He had his worker text me saying it needed an ignition switch. I googled it and figured out I waited for lights to go out on dash car would start. So drive to store about 1/2 mile at nine at night and car just shut down in the middle of 4 lane highway. Lucky no one hit me. Got it started and home. Brian called me back after Ludlow Police told me to come file a complaint. He told me he didn’t have any vehicles to swap. But that same Saturday (one day after getting car) his worker wanted me to drive it up there after dark with no seat belt and car shutting down when it wanted. Told him no! It wasn’t safe. Following week I saw my Audi advertised on Craigslist saying he bought the car 6 months prior for his girlfriend and she had recently passed and wanted quick sale of 4900. So I had a friend who had been interested in buying the car from me but didn’t have the 1800 I needed for it set up a meeting to see the car. He took pics proving it was my car. Plus the car was still smoking from the oil leak. So texted Brian again. He called me and tried to tell me that wasn’t my car advertised until he realized I have pics of it showing vin. Then only contact was he would have someone drive down and drive my car up to his place. No way. Not on my insurance with it shutting down. So the most I could get for the car I was stuck with was 300. Now I’m going to have someone drive me me to Ludlow police and put in report. Sending his phony ads from CL and texts to MA attorney general. Police can’t do anything if people don’t start filing reports. These guys are well known scammers in the town. So buyers: BEWARE!!! He talks a good talk. But all lies!!

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  1. Paul Goeke
    June 16, 2020

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