Glamor Time Pools

Glamor Time Pools Review

Glamor Time Pools which is owed by Gary Lively is a big Ripp Off.. he advertises on Home Advisors to get customers. He does not pay is sub contractors with Green Cards … I had his sub leave a note on my door for his payment after I paid Gary $5800.00 cash for the jog which was a mess up. He did not do start up after pool had water.. Which was brushing 2 x a day and chemicals. This caused the DE filter to clogg up. i had to hire another company come out and replace it. Second, my jets in my spa are not working. I am having to have to fixed. It broked electrol codes while instaling my new Hayward remote. The electrical box had exposed wires which i was told could start a fire. I will have to have a company come out and correct that also. This guy lied to me numerous times and completely wrecked my pool

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