Glendale Water Department

Glendale Water Department Review

Has it really come to not havng any justice at all left on this earth? It is not right and defintly not legal for the city of Glendale to add myteries charges on peoples bill and then act like they were correct in reading there meter and it couldnt possibly be an error on there end. They dont even deserve 1 star because thats even way above the service they provide. One month out of the entire year it said I used 27,000 gallons of water. I have only cocrete in my back yard, no grass no swimming pool. Desert lanscaping in front. Im 67 years old and I live alone. It is impossible that I used that much water. I thought maybe my toielt had some kind of leak but I had an outside plumber come and check everything out and I have no leaks inside or out. IT is not right and it is not fair that they can continue to get away with this. It is not a coincidence that so many similar problems seem to be happening to differet people all having the city of Glendale water company in common. They must be stopped. I would be a part of a class action if I can get help from someone out there to help me get it going.

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