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Report Filed: Glenn Purdy Canadian Alliance Network, CanInvest Inc. Not able to deliver on his many many words! Winnipeg, Calgary, Toronto Nationwide!!

Starting from the beginning- I saw an ad online for an info session on US real estate and since I was interested in learning about US real estate I went. The first info session was just a couple of hours of Glenn speaking generally about US real estate. This was to get people to come to his $1000 seminar which was 3 days. And so I did pay the $1000 and went. There was a lot of and I mean a lot of info thrown out at a speed of light. Glenn can speak pretty fast and the information given was good or so I thought at the time! So I go ahead and give them $25,000 for one trip down to Florida and to set up businesses in the US. They couldnt even put a trip together for Vegas cause there were no real estate to flip at a decent amount. All the prices had gone up and there was nothing being released from fannie mae. So I spend more money on air and hotel and go down there for a weekend. We went through a lot of real estate and we were shown different kinds of properties and the breakdowns, in a couple of cities. We spoke with their real estate agents but there was nothing I could buy at the time. I come back to the great white north and wait for them to contact me regarding properties that would suit me financially. After talking and emailing them weekly about how come you are not following up and finding me a property, then after 3 months one of their agents gets in touch with me to help me find a property. He send me emails here and there for the next 3 months on what’s hot in the market. But as soon as I reply back ok go ahead he says oh you are too late it’s already gone ( this was the day after he sent me the property info), or I cant locate the owner or some other excuse. They also have a customer service rep called John Dowdy who’s paid to put out fires. I hope you are getting enough money for this job cause you must be taking a lot of heat from customers! everytime he would try to talk to me and explain things out but at the end of the day it got so repetitive and I just stopped calling and of course they didnt bother following up either. So they took $25000 from me to show me a bunch of properties in Florida that a real estate agent could have shown me for free. Be very very careful with this group. They come off very nice and they look like they are down to earth and they want to help but they will try to get you to take money out of all your credit cards, RRSPs, loans and mortgaging your house to make themselves money. I have spoken with several other people that were at the same seminar and non of them has bought a property through Glenn and his team. If you want to buy properties in US just go the city that you want to buy the property in and speak to several real estate agents and do your own research. There are tons of info on the internet. Dont give your hard earned money to any of these groups. I learned the hard way. I am hoping others in my situation will read this and keep their money.

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