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I don’t even know where to begin except I am astonded they have an A- by the BBB. To start I was quoted one thing but she forgot boxes. Second person added boxes and added the missed item on manifest. I needed full amonut to be paid upfront. Which he promised was done. Well that was a joke because the driver said for me to get their furniture I have to pay another & 036;679. Not to include the exta 100+ feet charges and elevator charge, WHICH I told him to include upfront. Then they pickup the items and forget the wheelchairs. I live in AZ so I had to do this all by phone. I call to tell them what happen. My parents tried to take the wheelchairs on plane but it was an ambulatory plane and my dad has a special chair that didnt fit. The wheelchair. Ame back by ambulance to a friend at which time I called the company. They placed me on a "brief" hour and four minute hold. I called from another phone and I’ll be damed if the company was closed. I was able the next day to get it picked up and wanted the supervisor to call back because he was on the phone. Which is crap every time I reached out to him he was on the pbone.they gave me different delivery dates and finally someone said they had 2q days then it would have been yesterday but driver is coming tomorrow. Now it is 21 business days. Finally I now owe the extra 700 plus another elevator cost and extra feet costs. Which I already told the person to add it up front. I cant even dispute the cost or get a credit for the headaches because if I dont pay they dont deliver. | What thieves!!!!!!

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  1. Zelda Kinnion
    June 16, 2020

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